Thomas Hlubin

Founder & CEO of MentalSpace

About Me

Hey there. I’m Thomas and I created MentalSpace. The journey in life that lead me to this path was one I never planned on, but I couldn’t be happier because of it.

There’s no denying that the most heartbreaking moments of my life were due to my mental illness. OCD, anxiety, and depression have all caused me gut-wrenching emotional pain, suicidal ideations, and complete and utter hopelessness throughout my teens and 20’s.

In the days when I was first diagnosed, I recall desperately looking for some sense of community, only to be ultimately disappointed with the options available. 

Sure, I found some obscure websites that had forums and maybe some basic chat features, but those communities were pretty sparse and the websites who hosted them were pretty archaic and half-hearted to say the least.

Thomas Hlubin

This is part of the reason why I decided to create MentalSpace. I dreamt of creating a website & mobile app where people struggling with mental health issues could find a sense of community and come to the realization that they are indeed not alone in their suffering.

I understand firsthand that when people suffer from emotional distress, they tend to keep their problems to themselves. This often leads to self-loathing and ostracizing those around them who would otherwise be able to help during their struggles. 

With MentalSpace, I hope to help people break through the stigma associated with mental illness and to help people find solace in the stories of others who have similar experiences and conditions as them.

We are all more alike than we’d like to think we are; there’s no question about that. I hope that through this commonality we can befriend one another, regardless of what struggles we’re all going through.

I may not feel exactly as you do nor have the same conditions as you, but one thing I am certain of is that I have experienced intense psychological suffering as a result of my irrational mental disorders. Therefore, I hope we can at least unite in solidarity on that basis alone.

Yours in mental health,

Thomas Hlubin

Some of my work & Accomplishments

I Created the mental health Website

On January 2019, I purchased the domain name for $1,000. It was almost my entire paycheck at the time, but I didn’t care. All I knew was that I absolutely hated my day job, I loved Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and I had an unrelenting desire to create a mental health website and to be my own boss. So, I took the risk. If it wasn’t for the success of that website, then there’s no question that MentalSpace would’ve never happened.

I wrote the book, The Disgusting Stigma of Mental Illness

In 2021 I wrote and self-published a book available on about… well, you guessed it, the disgusting stigma of mental illness. In the book I talk about the ethics of this impending issue, how the stigma of mental illness effects everyone in any society, as well as how it can be circumvented. A subject that is quite personal to me, I have experienced the stigma of mental illness firsthand and hope that some people find this book useful.

I Created & the MentalSpace app

Although Psych Times has definitely seen a lot of progress over the years, one thing that was always missing from it was a community – people who visited the site, talked with other visitors, and from those interactions left their computers with a heightened sense of equanimity. Self-expression and the development of new friendships is a very important aspect of humanity. There’s no question about that. With MentalSpace, I hope to help fill the void on the internet as being a place where anyone struggling with mental health issues can safely and constructively use a social media platform, as well as join fun and interactive support groups.

I'm the proud father of an Adorable maltipoo named prince

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Reaching out to me on the mentalSpace app is the fastest way to get a response from me, but you can also send me a message on the Contact Us page. Click the link below, share your thoughts, and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.