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What is mental space & why is it awesome?

Support Groups

There’s no question that support groups can significantly help improve one’s mental health. At MentalSpace, we offer a plethora of high-quality support groups filled with people looking to connect, to share their unique story, to offer tips for coping, and to just make new friends.

Current Support Groups:

  • Anxiety Space
  • Depression Space
  • OCD Space
  • Addictions Space
  • Eating Disorders Space
  • LGBTQ+ Space
  • Personality Disorders Space
  • Mental Fitness Space
  • Meditation Space
  • Ending The Stigma Of Mental Illness Space

Social Media Platform

MentalSpace is not just a place to find support groups, it’s also a dedicated social media platform designed for the mental health community. Post, comment, share, like, and follow other members, just like you would on any other social media platform.

Build out your own profile page and grow your following like on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. However, unlike those other platforms, we actually care about your mental health and strive to make MentalSpace a productive tool in society.

Having a sense of community can be challenging at times, especially for those suffering from mental health issues. We hope that our combination of support groups and traditional social media applications can help to circumvent the status quo.

Tailor-Made Experience

MentalSpace is A Mobile App & a Website

The MentalSpace app is avaiable in the Apple Store & Google Play store. Whether you’re an iOS user or an Android user, you can easily access and use our mobile app on any mobile device.

Not a fan of mobile apps or just want to have both options available to you? No worries! The MentalSpace Community will be available in both a mobile app and on a dedicated website at Community.MentalSpace.org.

Your safety matters

At MentalSpace, we deeply care about your mental health. With that being said, harassment of any kind will not be tolerated on this platform. We understand that mental illness can cause people to say things they may regret later. Nevertheless, this will not be an exculpatory excuse here on this app. 

Account bans and even IP address bans will be handed out ad infinitum for those who exercise racism, sexism, homophobia, threats of violence, sexual harassment, doxing, and any other form of harassment anywhere on the MentalSpace platform. This app is meant to help people who are going through emotional issues – people who may be suffering from a mental illness. Therefore, harassment of any kind will not be taken lightly here. Anyone who stands in the way of that mission will get banned unapologetically. 

Additionally, children are not allowed to use MentalSpace. You must be 18+ to use this app. This is but one way, among many, to ensure that predators do not use MentalSpace as a platform to prey on minors. Anyone found to be under 18 using this app will get their account immediately disabled.

Moreover, please know that posts and comments can be flagged by anyone, thus making it very easy to report someone on the app who is behaving maliciously. You can read more about this topic on our Terms of Service page. And of course, instances of harassment can be reported via email to safety@mentalspace.org.

Thomas Hlubin

Thomas Hlubin

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